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07.05.2016 18:55

Jim wrote an OlyTagManager and you can test a first version of this tool:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/431 ... anager.zip

Download and start the setup first. Save your turns as *.txt files into the folder "turns" and start the program.

Report here bugs or give Jim some feedback..

Re: OlyTagManager

30.05.2016 16:23

Few things from my side...

...its possible to change the colors? I dont like white fonts on black backgrounds really.

...some function to share and merge maps with alliance players.

...bulk upload, but not really necessary. Actually I need to save every turn as file and import them one by one.

Re: OlyTagManager

05.06.2016 09:52

I found a little problem: I saved all 55 turns to txt files and copied them into the turn folder. Start the manager. Everything works fine, but the column "Orders" is empty. I dont see any order template there!?

Everytime I close the program I get an error. But I cant see a eeor code or something!?
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