Constella release .26 mit Artifacts!
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Autor:  amaso [ 04.08.2005 18:37 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Constella release .26 mit Artifacts!

Constella .26 reports on artifacts on worlds or ships. The program now supports both Starcon and Starweb.

For other enhancements and to download, go to http://constella.org

If you encounter problems or would like to suggest enhancements, please write to bugs@constella.org

If you would prefer, you can enter issues and enhancements at http://constella.org/mantis
In your Mantis profile, you can set your preferred language.

Autor:  sun-e [ 05.08.2005 08:19 ]
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GRREEEAAAAATTTT! Nice to see, that this tool becomes better and better!

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