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Diskussionen rund um Eressea, das Fantasy-Strategiespiel.
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Re: ExtendedCommands für Anfänger

08.11.2020 06:07

Just though I would throw out an update.

I have made LOTS of progress. I have almost the entire window laid out and everything is updating correctly (even unit details on the fly as their orders change :shock: )! I can't believe I am here, but it looks like I am real close to the finish line :D

Re: ExtendedCommands für Anfänger

11.11.2020 00:32

Where is the LIKE! button ?

Re: ExtendedCommands für Anfänger

22.11.2020 05:44

This is a little addicting. I accomplished what I wanted to, but now find myself making tons of changes and additions...


I am going to add a couple tabs now to accomplish a few other things.

I do still have some bugs to clean up, which mostly have to do with temp units, but I think I know how to handle them now.
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