Ein neues PBEM Galaxy Kings
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Autor:  Alex_r [ 12.01.2015 23:00 ]
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Galaxy Kings has started since 16.01.2015, but feel free to join now: read the rules and sign up!
The main features:
- unlimited number of players
- unlimited Universe
- possibility to design your own ships with different weapons
- lots of automation to make your race manageable when it grows up
- existing GUI to view reports and prepare orders
- rich set of commands
- never ends: players can join/quit any time
- galaxy aristocracy - climb up to be a King
- and lots more. Please visit http://galaxy.magix.net/public/ for details

Ultimately, it's a war game. All the economy stuff can be fully automated letting you to focus on
the most interesting part: the diplomacy and military affairs. All you would want is to easily operate
by big fleets, be able concentrate a reasonable force quickly in a right location. The fleets are your muscles
not only in a war, but also in politics.

This is a long project, targeted for years. The work is going on, new features are expected.

Join now - you'll like the game.

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